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Giving Back & Hope

Giving Back in Tough Times - Supporting Small Businesses

We’ve all experienced tough times in our lives, but most of us have never witnessed anything as impactful and all-encompassing as this pandemic and the state of the world right now. The worldwide impact of COVID-19 that we are experiencing is unprecedented in its scope. Everyone has been impacted somehow. Whether it be contracting the virus yourself or by loved ones. Having your business shuttered or impacted, losing your job, being “furloughed", or losing some or all of your hard-earned savings, it has affected us all.

In the midst of this horrific time, it amazes me to see how people rise up and want to help.

Tracey Prever
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The Starkey Foundation – Changing Lives Through The Gift Of Hearing!

The Starkey Foundation – Changing Lives Through The Gift Of Hearing!

Can you imagine not being able to hear the sound of a bird, waves crashing on the sand, your favorite song or the voice of your loved ones? 

The World Health Organization estimates that approximately 466 million people across the globe are living with disabling hearing loss. 

This is most prevalent in developing countries where less than three percent of these individuals can afford hearing aids.

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