Give Back Goods Mission and Double Giving

Why Give Back Goods? 

Today, consumers wield immense power for change. Your purchasing decisions can make changes that impact our current issues of environmental sustainability, animal welfare, freedom from slavery, socio-economic disparity and more.

Give Back Goods gives purchasers the opportunity to use this power.  Every purchase made gives back to help our planet in some way.  Give Back Goods offers both cause-related products that give back to specific causes, eco-friendly, sustainable products that help our planet, and products made by artisans receiving a fair wage and given socio-economic opportunity to rise above poverty and support their families.

Our Mission:

Give Back Goods mission is to create a positive impact on the world with every purchase! Give Back Goods wants to make it easy for people to purchase goods that give back to important causes, are eco-friendly, sustainable, ethically sourced and support the people that make them with fair wages and healthy work environments. 

Each Product Has an Important Story:

The story of how each Give Back Goods product gives back is just as important as the product itself. We let you know how each product is made, what it is made of and who and what your purchase is supporting as well as its impact on the world. 

We are sincerely honored to sell the products we carry at Give Back Goods. We are humbled by the amazing people that had the foresight and will to create these products to help our world in some way. We feel this is truly the way to make our world a better place and empower everyone to be a conscious consumer and give back at the same time.

Double Giving - How WE Give Back Too!

Not only does your purchase help a great cause, but Give Back Goods will also donate 10% of our net sales back each year to the causes attached to the products that we represent in our store. 




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