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Invisible World Drop Earrings, Supports & Gives Freedom to Girls & Women!


These Invisible World Drop earrings have a beautiful peridot hanging from them.and are part of a collection inspired by plankton, an invisible but essential part of our world. Plankton is invisible, but they account for 50% of the photosynthesis on this planet, so they are crucial for regulating the carbon in our atmosphere.  

Similarly, women in many cultures - such as the ones our survivors come from - are sometimes invisible in society.  They are not seen, respected or appreciated, yet they play an essential role in the family, community, society, and life itself.  


1.2" tall


Your purchase helps support, educate, train and employ women artisans, who have overcome trafficking, child marriage or other severe abuse or discrimination. 

100% of there profits go to help fight slavery, to programs for the women and girls, and to the artisans who create this jewelry.  Profits also benefit children in shelters and education programs to help support and give them a better future.  These programs help women and children become free and independent. 

Help create bright futures for these girls and women!  



  • Helps Victims Of Human Trafficking
  • Supports Human Trafficking Victims
  • Fights Poverty
  • Educates Girls 
  • Educates Women in Vocational Training, or College Education
  • Socio-Economic
  • Fair Trade
  • Empowers Victims To Leave Human Trafficking
  • Fights Poverty
  • Gives Shelter, Food, Clothing, Counseling and Medical Care to Rescued Girls
  • Job Training Programs = High Wage, Life-Changing Employment
  • Trains and Employs Women in Goldsmithing and Jewelry Design



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