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18" Hand Spun & Woven Shibori Silk Indigo Pillow, Eco-Friendly, Fair Trade

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This exquisite hand-woven silk pillow showcases the very best in ethical home decor. Each thread is hand-spun and woven in northeastern India from locally sourced silk. Natural dyes made from rich golden turmeric and deep indigo add a depth of color that will be slightly unique to each piece. 

Measures 18 inches with a hand-woven silk front and natural cotton back.

Pillow insert: made from non-allergenic polyester micro-fiber and the outer lining is high thread count cotton. 

Color: Indigo

Size: 18x18"


This fair trade home and lifestyle brand have had long-term partnerships with talented artisans in India, Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Kenya who work in women-led small businesses. By developing healthy, sustainable, and profitable partnerships, they are able to bring artisanal handcrafted pieces to a global market. These artisans create beautifully unique natural fiber handspun and hand-woven textiles and baskets.

Handcrafted with skillful hands and careful attention, each piece has unique qualities in natural texture, softness, and color. They are committed to providing high-quality jobs to their suppliers as well as unique products for their customers.

By creating a sustainable niche for these artisans, they help to ensure their craft supports the health, education, and economic stability of their families. They believe that conscious consumerism — in which the act of buying is also one of giving — is a powerful way to effect change.



  • Fair Trade
  • Supports Artisans
  • Fair Wage
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Socio-Economic
  • Creates Jobs
  • Creates Employment
  • Prevents Poverty
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