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Set of 3- Hand Woven Zambia Fruit Basket Bowls, Fair Trade


Use this basket set as decorative storage or as a stunning wall accent.

Includes 3 baskets:10" wide x 5" tall, 12" x 5" and 13" x 5.5".

Each handwoven basket is made by the Batonga Women in Zambia and takes days to make. They use palm leaves, wild twigs and creeping vines which are carefully boiled in natural dye and dried in the sun. Mix and match with others in this collection for a striking wall display or use it as a unique tabletop centerpiece. 

Across the Southern Province of Zambia, 250 Tonga women gather in small groups every day to weave baskets. It is believed that their unique weaving skills are inherited from the Ancestors who crafted baskets for gathering and serving food.

*Please note that, due to the handmade nature, there may be slight variations in size and design. The plant-based dyes used in this item may have a mild odor that will fade within a few days.

Ethically crafted in Zambia

Material: 100% hand-woven Palm Leaves

Size: 10" Wide by 5" tall


This fair trade home and lifestyle brand has had long-term partnerships with talented artisans in India, Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Kenya who work in women-led small businesses. By developing healthy, sustainable, and profitable partnerships, they are able to bring artisanal handcrafted pieces to a global market. These artisans create beautifully unique natural fiber handspun and hand-woven textiles and baskets.

Handcrafted with skillful hands and careful attention, each piece has unique qualities in natural texture, softness, and color. They are committed to providing high-quality jobs to their suppliers as well as unique products for their customers.

By creating a sustainable niche for these artisans, they help to ensure their craft supports the health, education, and economic stability of their families. They believe that conscious consumerism — in which the act of buying is also one of giving — is a powerful way to effect change.



  • Fair Trade
  • Supports Artisans
  • Fair Wage
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Socio-Economic
  • Creates Jobs
  • Creates Employment
  • Prevents Poverty
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