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Recycled Billboard Tote Bag, Medium - Made in the USA - Saves Landfill Space!

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These extremely durable, one-of-a-kind tote bags give billboard ads a second life. No two bags are alike!

Great for hauling groceries, going to the gym, the beach, or wherever you go.

Constructed from upcycled vinal billboards, seatbelt, and inner tube, the ad tote bag is strong but lightweight. You can also toss it in the washing machine after a hard day!

Color Choices - (no two bags are alike - bag colors & designs will vary)

1. Predominately Cool- Cool totes will have either blue and/or green as their predominant colors.

2. Predominately WarmWarm totes will have either red, orange, and/or yellow as their predominant colors


This bag is made from reclaimed materials, so each bag is unique. Some bags will have markings from the inner tubes that end up on the outside of the bag. This is a great way to highlight the reclaimed nature of this product and show your commitment to upcycling and sustainability.

These bags do not contain any PVC. Everything used to make this bag is considered safe under the FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) Guidelines. 

Made in the USA and has a Limited Lifetime Warranty!


  • Upcycled Mesh Banner
  • Nylon Fabric


13.5 L x 16.5 H x 4 D in.


14.6 L



8 oz.



  • Upcycled Bicycle Inner Tubes
  • Nylon Teeth with Zinc Zipper
  • Hook & Loop
  • Nylon Fabric
  • Nylon Hardware


About 600,000 tons of billboard waste is generated annually in the US alone – roughly 250 million sq. ft.

That’s enough vinyl to cover over 40,000 high school basketball courts.

1 billboard ends up in the landfill about every 75 seconds

These billboards remain in landfills, posing long-term problems from the leaching of the toxic additives into groundwater and much more.

Clearing of trees and the landscape occur to make the billboard overly visible. 

Support the vinyl recycling movement by buying a bag for yourself or for someone else!



  • Sustainable
  • Made in the USA
  • B-Corp Certified
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Upcycled
  • Saves Landfill Space
  • Conserves Energy
  • No PVC
  • Vegan


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