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Reclaimed Vino Barrel Candelabra or Menorah - (9 or 12 candles)- Save our Landfills!

Size: 9 candle

This one of a kind 9 candle candelabra or menorah is made with an oak wine barrel stave and has 9 insets with glass tealight holders glued in to add just the right amount of light to any room. Perfect as a menorah, centerpiece or mantle decoration. 

The wooden stave has been hand sanded and oiled; any appearance of dark oak color is natural and is from the wine formerly held in the barrel! Staves can vary in width and color.

Candles are not included.

Length from 28"

Width varies from 2.5" - 4"
Glass tealight holders are 2" across

Height at the highest point is about 4" (including the height of glass candle holder)

*Beauty of Imperfections: Our products are handcrafted, each piece we produce gets the same amount of love and attention. Some bevels and heights may vary, should the glass develop a crack, stop using immediately and properly recycle. Please remember our glassware is made from recycled bottles and may have some inherent imperfections. This item may take some time to prepare. Contact us to find out how quick you can get it. 

* Can Take 1 week from order date to make if not in stock

Ready to ship in 1–2 weeks


Made with reclaimed  Wine Barrel Stave Wood. Materials used in these products are locally sourced and handcrafted, which gives back to the community by creating jobs for the local craftsman and supporting sustainability. 



  • Repurposed
  • eco-friendly
  • Locally sourced and handcrafted
  • Creates Jobs
  • Sustainability
  • Non-Toxic
  • Made in the USA


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