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Olive Wood Salad Server Utensils, Fair Trade and Sustainably Harvested


These olive wood salad servers are hand-carved in Kenya from fallen trees. They are rubbed with sunflower oil to bring out their rich color and preserve their natural beauty.

Please be aware that no two pieces will be identical and they will vary slightly in size.  

Size: 12 inches x 3.5 inches.

Care: Recommended hand-wash only. Each item comes with an informational card.


Mutuku has been working with olive wood in rural Kenya his entire life.  He and his team cover large areas collecting fallen wood.  At their workshop, they hand-carve each bowl into beautiful tabletop pieces. The entire community benefits from this skilled trade and the area is now known throughout Kenya for its woodwork.



  • Supports 130 rural men and women
  • Provides Fair wage Employment
  • Socio-Economic
  • Supports Artisans
  • Helps people transition out of poverty



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