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Handwoven Jute Bowl Basket, Black & Natural,Bangladesh, Fair Trade


These jute basket bowls are expertly handwoven by women working within a Fair Trade program in Bangladesh, they are built to stand up to the demands of your busy household. Durable, eco-friendly with natural texture & tones to fit in any decor. 

These Bowls are great for keeping fruits & veggies in or for a natural storage alternative for toys, craft supplies, or anything you need to keep organized.

Material: Palm Leaves (a sustainable plant)

Dimensions: 9"high x 14" diameter 

Color: Charcoal with a trim of Natural.  The charcoal color is derived from seeds.

Due to the handcrafted production of this basket, the soft sides, and the natural fibers, sizes may vary slightly. 

Origin: Bangladesh

* Please Note- Returns are only taken on these palm baskets if damaged.


This company provides fair payment to workers in developing nations, most of their artists come from poverty-stricken communities in Bangladesh – with the majority being the mothers and grandmothers of those societies. Each fair-trade purchase you make with us helps those women, and in turn, gives their children and communities a chance to grow and flourish. 

Fair-trade isn’t a trading of goods for the lowest possible price, it’s giving the craftsmen and women the true worth of the products they pour their hearts and souls into. They can then earn a living wage – so they can thrive – so their families can connect with the world and learn to succeed in it – and, so they can share their culture with all of us. And, throughout the process, we’re able to show that a virtuous form of international trade is possible.



  • Fair Trade
  • Sustainability
  • Socio-Economic
  • Business Training to Marginalized Producers
  • Eco-Friendly
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