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7' x 5' Handmade Jute Rug, Geometric Design, Bangladesh, Fair Trade


This timeless rug has been handmade by fair trade artisans in remote, rural communities of Bangladesh. The women first weave jute shapes and then assemble the Kasba pattern, before stitching the pieces together using needle and thread.

The result is like a contemporary patchwork that adds warmth, texture and character to any environment - an investment piece laden with meaningful making!

Dimensions: 7'-7" x 5'-5" approximate

Material: Jute (a sustainable plant)Dimensions:  16"high x 15" diameter at base

Origin: Bangladesh

Taking care of your rug:

  • These rugs are crafted entirely by hand with natural jute and special care is required to maintain their beautiful appearance.
  • We advise regular vacuuming of both sides of your rug to keep it fresh and free of dirt build-up. Occasionally take your rug outside on a dry day and shake or beat it to dislodge deeper dirt particles that your vacuum may not extract.
  • Avoid prolonged direct sunlight or heat as this will discolor the jute fibers.
  • Blot water-based spills with kitchen paper or an absorbent cloth as soon as possible. 
  • Please do not rub stains or spills from your rug as this may spread the stain and loosen the jute fibers. 
  • For oil-based or colored spills, please consult a specialist rug cleaning professional. 
  • You may choose a rug protection treatment prior to installing the rug in your space to prolong the life of your rug and minimize discoloration. We recommend MicroSeal as they are experienced in treating jute rugs. Please read more about their treatment here:

* Please Note- Returns are only taken on these Jute Rugs if damaged.


Three Fair Trade artisan groups in rural villages in Bangladesh are currently handcrafting our new rugs. Each artisan collects her work order and produces the rugs in her own home, working around other household duties and her family. Through making rugs, these formerly marginalized women are able to contribute economically to their families and community. In addition to learning new skills, crafting rugs gives them the opportunity to improve their lifestyle, build houses, install toilets, send their children to school, access health support and much more.

This company provides fair payment to workers in developing nations, most of their artists come from poverty-stricken communities in Bangladesh – with the majority being the mothers and grandmothers of those societies. Each fair-trade purchase you make with us helps those women, and in turn, gives their children and communities a chance to grow and flourish. 

Fair-trade isn’t a trading of goods for the lowest possible price, it’s giving the craftsmen and women the true worth of the products they pour their hearts and souls into. They can then earn a living wage – so they can thrive – so their families can connect with the world and learn to succeed in it – and, so they can share their culture with all of us. And, throughout the process, we’re able to show that a virtuous form of international trade is possible.



  • Fair Trade
  • Sustainability
  • Socio-Economic
  • Business Training to Marginalized Producers
  • Eco-Friendly
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