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Handmade Hayden Scarf, Fair Trade


 Effortless and versatile, this scarf can be wrapped a variety of ways. Wear it loose and casual or with a tighter fit for added warmth. It's a long tasseled scarf, hand-crafted in Peru and signed by the lady who made it.

This scarf is signed by the woman in Peru who made it.


  • Long, Tasseled Scarf
  • Striped Pattern
  • Made in Peru
  • 100%Acrylic


Sizing: One Size

Colors:  Black, Nutmeg


These products, their non-profit partner, and their community work in unison to help people break the cycle of poverty, providing life-changing job opportunities to women in need. 

Working with highly vulnerable women who live in poverty-stricken regions of the world,  providing job opportunities at anti-poverty wages so their circumstances improve. As a result, they are able to care for their families and send their children to higher levels of education. Generations are impacted by the employment of their mothers and caregivers.

Over the last decade, they have employed hundreds of people in Uganda and Peru to create a broad array of gifts that give back. 

With each purchase you make they introduce you to the woman who made your product and invite you to visit her online profile to learn more about her.



  • Fights Poverty
  • Socio-Economic
  • Creates Jobs
  • Fair Wage
  • Employment
  • Feeds Children
  • Educates Children




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