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Abalone Shell Gold Heart Necklace- Give Freedom To Girls & Women

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Each one-of-a-kind abalone shell heart necklace is set in a 14k gold-plated heart pendant delicately hung from an adjustable chain. Scoop one of these vibrant, iridescent blues and green necklaces up for yourself or share the love with a friend. Either way, you’ll make a life-changing impact on women establishing independence 

Your purchase of this necklace will let them reach out to 28 women in the red light district!

Materials: 14k gold plated stainless steel and mother of pearl 

Hypoallergenic; lead and cadmium free with nickel content less than 100 ppm.

Size: Adjustable 16-18 inches


Every purchase of this necklace means exploited women and girls can begin developing careers. Because of your purchase, exploited women and girls will experience freedom & establish independence. 

This sale will restore hope to exploited women in Asia. Providing life-changing opportunities through their Holistic Care Programs and our social enterprise where women create beautiful jewelry and become managers, accountants, graphic designers, and photographers.

Through their Holistic Care Programs, they provide vocational training, healthcare, shelter, counseling, and education grants for their women and their children. Employing over 130 women and serving thousands through their Community Outreach Services.

Thank you for restoring hope for these girls and women!  



  • Helps Victims Of Human Trafficking
  • Supports Human Trafficking Victims
  • Fights Poverty
  • Educates Girls 
  • Educates Women in Vocational Training
  • Socio-Economic
  • Fair Trade
  • Empowers Victims To Leave Human Trafficking
  • Fights Poverty
  • Gives Shelter, Food, Clothing, Counseling and Medical Care to Rescued Girls
  • Job Training Programs = High Wage, Life-Changing Employment
  • Trains and Employs Women in Goldsmithing and Jewelry Design
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