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Recycled Glass- 14" SeaGlass Platter- Eco Friendly


This beautiful modern platter will turn heads at your next dinner party. A simple square in beautiful colors to match any decor, perfect for entertaining - appetizers, cakes and anything in between.

 Handmade in the USA. Dishwasher safe.


These designs are made from post-industrial/pre-consumer recycled glass, not from post-consumer bottles or materials that populate our recycling bins at home. We recycle our very own scraps after we cut a shape and add them to other industrial scraps that come from partner businesses. These bits and pieces are used to create new sheets of glass that will become additional plates.

The best thing about glass is that it’s endlessly recyclable. They believe in leaving our planet better than they found it. That’s why they try and reuse as much as possible to minimize their impact while we are on it. Recycling what they can and only making as much as they need. Small businesses can do great things!



  • Made in the USA
  • Conserves Resources
  • Recycled
  • Sustainable
  • Eco_friendly
  • Lead and cadmium free
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