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Set of 4, 16 Oz Beverage Glasses, Upcycled Vino Bottle (Choose Colors) USA Made- Saves landfills!


This beautiful set of four wine bottle tumbler glasses are a great gift for the wine drinker on your gift list. But they are also perfect for everyday use! Pick all one color or a set of each of the four colors together.

Bottles are carefully collected and transformed by local USA artisans to create these eco-friendly glasses. Enjoy!

Color Options:

Evergreen, Clear, Topaz, Amber, Teal, Mixed set

Size: 16 Oz each

Height: 5.5" tall

Diameter: About 3" (varies by bottle) 


Glass serving ware and drinkware is crafted from reclaimed glass bottles. Materials used in these products are locally sourced in the USA and handcrafted, which gives back to the community by creating jobs for the local craftsman and supporting sustainability.

Glassware has a significantly lower carbon footprint as compared to recycled or landfilled bottles. A glass bottle takes more than 4000 years to decompose in a landfill!


  • Re-purposed
  • Eco- Friendly
  • Environmentally Sustainable
  • Made in the USA
  • Supports Artisan/ Craftsmen jobs 
  • Lowers Carbon Footprint
  • Saves landfill Space
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