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Handwoven Rainbow Bolga Market Basket, Elephant Grass , Fair Trade & Eco-Friendly


These handwoven Bolga Market Baskets are made in Ghana's Northern Boltanga region.

To create these brilliant rainbow baskets, artisans dye the strands in an array of colors before weaving. The all-natural handle can be reinforced by wrapping with ribbon or cloth, creating a one-of-a-kind basket that will draw eyes everywhere it's carried!

Because this is a handcrafted item, each may vary slightly. 

Origin: Ghana

Size:  15" T x 15" D

Materials:  Elephant Grass, Dye


Member of The Fair Trade Association. Providing fair payment to workers in developing nations, educating artisans and workers to increase their potential for advancement ensuring the rights of children, developing products and processes that protect and conserve the natural environment. 

Lends over 33 million pounds yearly to both producers in developing nations and the buyers who distribute their goods worldwide.

They provide business training to marginalized producers, furthering the sustainability of cooperative investments. Working with producers across Africa who value their natural environment and employ sustainable methods of production. Artisans are required to abide by local and export regulations governing the legal harvest of hardwoods to ensure compliance with U.S. import standards and to uphold proper management of their local forest resources. Artisans are encouraged to utilize materials fully by converting scraps into salable products Artisans are encouraged to utilize recycled, reclaimed and highly renewable materials in product design, and to isolate new sources of low-cost materials. 



  • Fair Trade
  • Sustainability
  • Socio-Economic
  • Business Training to Marginalized Producers
  • Eco-Friendly
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