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Handmade, Organic White Felt Donkey Stuffed Animal - Supports Fair trade Artisans in Nepal


Sparky the donkey is white with blue/grey spots & has a striking yellow saddle, adorned with hand-stitched details, Sparky will add to a child's decor and be a great playmate too! 

Sparky has her name sewn onto her tummy and a signature wooden heart button. In keeping with their seaside home, each donkey is presented with a vintage seaside postcard-perfect for messages, or just for fun.

Sparky is made with organic wool felt, colored with eco-friendly dyes. The donkeys are blanket-stitched by hand and have carefully needle-felted faces, ears, and hooves. Gorgeous hand-embroidered saddle cloths, cotton velvet bridles, tiny bells, and pretty silk tassels all add up to making them truly irresistible!

Measuring 15.7"  long x 13" high to the top of the ears!

Beautifully presented in a pretty organic, cotton drawstring sack.

Not suitable for children under 3
hand felted 100% Organic Tibetan Merino wool without any chemicals
Care instructions: 
Dampen a soft, clean cloth with cool water and spot clean
Delivery -
USA- 7-9 working days to USA- ( ask about expedited shipping)
UK & EU- 3-5 working days

Every piece of handmade felt in this collection starts life as a drawing on a farmhouse table. From here, the drawing goes to Kathmandu in Nepal. Where over 100 Nepalese Women are employed with fair trade wages.

‘Wet felting’ designs get made into prototypes by skilled felt makers and seamstresses. A traditional craft of the Nepalese villages, wet felt making and designing is a group activity at the workshop – with teams of women working together with great skill and expertise to craft these animal rugs & heads.

Felt is made from Lamb’s wool and the workshop gets its supply of pure, natural wool from Tibet or New Zealand. The pigments for dyeing are sourced from Switzerland – specially selected to be safe, natural and eco-friendly. Any other bits and bobs required for a particular design are sourced locally in markets – often employing specialist artisans to create a unique ornamental feature.

Every single felt piece is unique. And before it leaves the workshop, it gets a hand-sewn label, is adorned with ribbons and is packaged in organic cotton, pull string bags – also handcrafted using local cotton in Nepal. So, a truly international business embracing England, Switzerland, Nepal, New Zealand and India, with families and friends working together at every step of the way.


  • Fair Trade
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Hand Made
  • Natural Fibers
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