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Ceramic Bead Symbol Bracelets- Gives 1 week of Water to an African Family


Wear your symbol with these Ceramic Bead Band Bracelets, give one to a friend or wear them with our Inspiration Bracelets to make an inspirational statement.

  • Handcrafted in Indiana, USA
  • Adjustable from 5" to 8" - one size fits most
  • Waterproof - wear it anywhere
  • Provides one week of clean water to someone in the Central African Republic

We sell these in sets of two - Purchase two symbols for you or give one to a friend, or purchase one inspiration bracelet and one symbol bracelet for an inspirational statement set!  

Two Bracelets= $32.00 (includes delivery) 


Every Mudlove bracelet you purchase provides 1 week of safe, clean water to someone in need. 

All of this is made possible through Water for Good and their continued work to transform one of the world’s most neglected countries, the Central African Republic.

Right now, about 663 million people lack access to clean water. That’s more than twice the entire population of the United States! Water is the first step out of extreme poverty. It is estimated that women and children spend 140 million hours each day collecting water. 

Can you imagine going for one week without access to clean water? A week of safe, sanitary water changes things in a big way for entire communities. Women have time for jobs and family care. Children can attend school, avoid preventable diseases, and live longer, happier lives.

Since they began in 2009, they've been able to give over $350,000 to support the work of Water for Good!

A portion of all sales also goes into local community needs. 



  • Provides 1 week of safe, clean water to someone in need in the Central African Republic
  • 350,000 to support the work of Water for Good!
  • Helping local community needs in USA
  • Helps Children stay in school
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