Why Give Back Goods?

Being an entrepreneur most of my life, I created and developed a handful of small businesses since I was in my early twenties. I also helped get a nonprofit started for pediatric brain cancer, which was close to my heart and had real meaning.  Beyond that,  I worked in marketing, sales and product development for outside companies which were never really fulfilling for me.  Suddenly I found myself at a crossroads with some major life changes going on, feeling a bit helpless and frustrated about my life and the state of the world in general. I decided that I need to make a change, take charge of my life again and create a business that would also help create a positive change in the world.

Having owned a few "brick and mortar" businesses, I decided I wanted to try my hand at an online store. I originally thought I'd sell "green" goods, that were good for the earth as I am very concerned and passionate about saving our planet. But being a "creative type" I didn't want to sell just "utilitarian" goods, I wanted to sell beautiful, unique and stylish items that also gave back in some way.  As I was researching products to see what I wanted to sell, I came across some wonderful hand-crafted products that were being sold by small, grass-roots, "for profit" companies and organizations that were directly helping to support important causes with the income that they made from selling their hand-crafted products.

I started researching these companies and read about the causes they were supporting and was amazed at how these small ventures were truly "moving the needle" to help these causes and changing lives.  I learned more about human trafficking, which infuriated me and made me cry in disbelief! I found out more about Fair Trade which supports artisans with "living" wages so that the can support, feed and educate their children and break their ongoing cycle of poverty. I found amazing businesses that create cool products that help to save our wildlife, our sealife, and help to support our pets that are living in shelters.  Some of the products/causes I found bring basics like solar power and clean water to the millions of people that are still unbelievably living without them. And of course, there are the environmental products/causes that are trying to help save our planet, our forests, our air quality, and our water so we can continue to survive on this planet.

 I realized that I could actually help support these wonderful social good companies by gathering their products together in one online store so people all over the world could easily find and purchase the products and "give back" to our world all at the same time!  

We hope you appreciate the unique, beautiful, stylish and hand-crafted home goods, accessories, and gifts that we have found for you at Give Back Goods.  Go ahead and shop and make a positive impact on the world today! 

We all have the power to create change!

Peace, Love & Compassion,




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