Set of 4 Recycled Kitchen and Bath Canister Jars - Eco-Friendly


Good cooks always need useful storage. Why not make it beautiful and sustainable as well? The baker in your life will love putting his or her supplies in this simple but beautiful reclaimed glass and wood canisters. Also perfect for bathroom use to hold q-tips and cotton balls. Pick up the whole set and be prepared for any eventuality. Handcrafted in small batches from 100% recycled glass.

Set of 4 sizes:

  • Mini - 4" x 2. 25"
  • Medium - 6.5" x 2.25"
  • Tall - 10.5" x 2.25"
  • Grande - 13.75" x 2.25"
    The earth has finite resources. So making products from recycled materials is more cost effective when compared to making the same products from virgin materials
    It is also more resource efficient and has a lower environmental cost than making the same goods from virgin materials.

    One ton of recycled glass saves:

    42 Kwh of energy
    0.12 barrels of oil (5 gallons)
    714,000 BTU's of energy,
    7.5 pounds of air pollutants from being released
    2 cubic yards of landfill space
    Recycling one glass bottle (vs. creating a new one) can save enough energy to power a T.V. for 1.5 hours.

    More than one ton of natural resources is conserved for every ton of glass recycled. This  includes- 1,300 pounds of sand, 410 pounds of soda ash, 380 pounds of limestone, and 160 pounds of feldspar

    For every 6 tons of glass recycled  = 1 ton of CO2 not being put in the atmosphere.


    Reclaimed wood by definition saves trees from being cut down. More than 8000 tree species – that’s 10% of the world’s total – are threatened with extinction.

    Saving just 30 trees by using reclaimed wood, can absorb as much as 946lb of CO2 out of the atmosphere each year.
    30 trees can provide a day’s supply of oxygen for up to 120 people, and the net cooling effect for 30 young trees is equivalent to 300 air conditioning units operating at 20 hours a day.



    • Conserves Resources
    • Recycled
    • Repurposed
    • Eco-Friendly
    • Sustainable
    • Saves Energy and Resources
    • Saves Landfill Space
    • Pollutant Free
    • Saves Trees


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